February 10, 2016

If the temperamental nature of recent seasonal changes are confirming anything to us, it is that mother-nature truly is bi-polar. In the midst of what was expected to be the coldest winter yet, I decided to gear up to combat the cold with my latest shearling purchase (bring in the Coach shearling coat). Now a few months back whilst purchasing this beast of a beauty, I asked myself this, “how often are you going to wear it, and isn’t it going to be a bitch to travel with?” Now even though shearling coats are known to give attitude, I said to myself that this coat is a timeless piece that will keep me warm through any outburst of freezing cold weather that this season may bring us. So what if you need a one whole suitcase to pack this bad boy, it was the hottest piece of the season, and it needed to be on my back! Now when wearing a shearling coat (or any piece for that matter), one must remember to keep the rest of the outfit simple, or else you end up looking like the latest addition of Jersey Shore (is that show still on?) and that is not what we want. I went ahead and paired it with my signature over-sized grey tee, a pair of jeans with a matching buttoned up shirt, but not buttoned up (see what I did there). Add to that my latest addition of fringed sneakers, brought to you by Gucci, my favorite Saint Laurent fedora, a few vintage rings and some shades and you are good to go!







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