Vida – Cause It Is.

March 18, 2016

This past weekend, I decided to take a stay-cation, and I wanted to discover a new address. So I checked myself into the Vida Downtown Dubai, a place where I have been many times before as it is home to Dubai’s renowned La Serre restaurant, but never truly experienced the pure essence of it which is its hotel. VIDA Downtown Dubai has quickly become the new destination for Dubai’s urban travelers, known for its fresh eclectic look and sleek, modern décor that embodies the young, cosmopolitan scene it attracts. The hotels interiors, designed by LW Design Group LLC, are full of chic minimalism, using muted color palates and funky design elements that capture both the vibrant life of Downtown Dubai and the understated cool that VIDA Downtown Dubai attracts.

The contemporary design technique of high/low is seen through out the hotel, which is when a mix of fancy and rustic elements are fused together to create a welcoming environment due to the design juxtaposition. VIDA Downtown Dubai is exactly that; a luxurious, boutique hotel that still captures a modern and youthful energy in is décor. The urban lifestyle of its guests was the design influence for the interiors of VIDA Downtown Dubai, and the end result was to create a space that is fresh, inspiring and unique.

The use of space is key in VIDA Downtown Dubai’s diverse décor which opens up the lobby and dining areas, using high floor to ceiling windows, large oversized drapes, quirky accent pieces, subtle textured fabrics and towering bookshelves. This simple yet effective use of space is also seen in the pool terrace which uses the pool as the focal point, walking out of the 3in1 restaurant and lounge into a hidden oasis of relaxation within Downtown Dubai. Lined with beautiful white cabanas full of light linens and natural wood which bounce off the bold blue of the pool and the tall green palm trees.

Each room within the hotel uses the same color patterns of soft whites, and mixture of delicate greys and browns, and uses the minimalist décor to produce a chic elegance throughout the hotel that still has slight urban hints and rustic pieces. Each room has a modern feeling with sleek lines and contemporary themes but VIDA Downtown Dubai still maintains its boutique charm and cohesive cool design.

It may just become my home away from home!

VDD, Lobby - 3

VDD, Lobby - 4

Deluxe Garden View

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