Bring Out the Fur.

February 13, 2016

I remember the first time I saw a fur coat, I was 6 and my grandma was taking us to the mountains to ski, she came out of the house with this beautiful white mink coat that felt like heaven. I was confused, what was it? I ran up to her in amazement, and in a state of awe I began feeling the texture of the coat all over. Over the years I saw more of these coats when we would go on our ski trips, and thus began my obsession, which died out as soon as I realized men don’t wear fur (unless you were P. Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy & Diddy). It wasn’t until I saw some of the best dressed men at fashion week wearing fur that I said to myself, try it out, so that I did! Insert new fox fur coat. I decided that the first place I would rock this masterpiece would be none other than the streets of Paris for Mens Fashion Week. Now wearing fur is always tricky, not only because you never know when someone is going to throw paint on you, but because to pull it off well you need to not have too much going on underneath it. Hence why I dressed like I was a hit man on a job, all black. Here I’m wearing my latest chelsea suede boots from Balenciaga with some black slim jeans from Topman. Throw on a black t-shirt, hoodie, and blazer (hello layers), and some black Dior shades and you are ready to for “The Italian Job’. Now the last thing you should know when wearing a fur coat, is that the most important thing to wear in this outfit is your confidence – drape that coat like Anna Wintour drapes, well, anything!






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