Brrrrr, It’s Cold In here.

September 20, 2016

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that we are about to face a cold winter, with that said I decided to prepare myself by pulling out¬†what I believe to be one of this winters most sought after accessory. Drum roll….The all white shearling coat from Fendi, a coat so major, it needs to enter a room a good 10 minutes before anyone wearing it. From the second this mother of a coat hit the runway on the Fendi catwalk in Milan, I knew that it would be what my heart yearned for, what it would beat for. Though you may be confused for a yeti, and the coat is probably bigger than the person wearing it, you can safely say that the theme song of Game Of Thrones would be playing whenever you walk into a room. Other than having to dodge PETA protestors, you are as good as gold in this coat (plus you don’t need to wear much underneath it, yes, it keeps you THAT warm).

With that I threw on my go to pair of black Topman jeans, black Timberlands, a white long line tee AND THE BADDEST VISOR SHADES EVER CREATED (also by Fendi)!!!!¬†Something about this look made me feel like such a boss, and in turn made my ego for the day so big, that even the Burj Khalifa couldn’t house it.

Now tell me, aren’t you excited for this cold winter?

M x

note: photo’s taken by Hani Amiri at the Burj Khalifa

img_4916 img_4917 img_4918 img_4920 img_4922 img_4924



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