October 4, 2015

If you know me, you know that I have a soft spot for meat. In a city where there is such a wide selection of restaurants, that serve some of the finest meat and steaks in town, I was not expecting to be blown away once again by another restaurant. Yet blown away I was (insert funny pun).


From the moment I started my experience at CUT, located at The Address Downtown Dubai, till the last spoon of dessert, I found myself in a realm of culinary perfection!

Cut Dubai opened last year, the concept was developed by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, and they started a new season this fall with the introduction of a new food menu, created by the talented executive chef Raymond Weber.

I decided to choose a selection of starters to share with my guests so that we can try a number of their signature dishes (everything sounded so good, but I managed to stop myself from ordering everything on the menu). If you ask me, the best 2 starters on the menu hands down are their beef tartar and their mac & cheese (yes, just yes!). The ingredients were so fresh and the presentation was so elegant and appetising which really added to the culinary experience of the evening.




A die hard meat lover, I chose a selection of their Australian, Japanese, and American cuts of meat for my mains. Add to that some crispy french fries, and a bowl of creamy spinach and you are guaranteed the BEST food coma of your life.


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