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June 24, 2016

Anyone that knows me will tell you that the way to my heart is through food, more specifically through desserts. So when I tell you that I fell IN LOVE with my latest finding, Gossip Cafe and Desserts, it goes without question that their food will keep you wanting more for days to come.

The multi-concept Emirati company is the brain child of Dr. Shayma Fawazz, the concept was created out of a need to fill a gap for the hip and stylish retail F&B brand with modern Emirati roots; a brand that not only satisfies your taste buds, but also creates a visually stimulating dining experience with an emphasis on art and fashion. I had heard so much about this place in the past that I knew that It would instantly become a go-to spot for my friends and I. The icing on the cake (pun intended) was that I had my friend Fouz, a woman who also has a thing for sweets, visiting from Kuwait. If that wasn’t even more reason to go then I really don’t know what is! When I tell you that they had a table of food and desserts fit for a King, that is a complete understatement, we were in a state of shock by how much they had prepared for us, definitely not complaining though. From their latest line of Designer Cakes, to their famous Rose Berry Macaroon Bed, to their mouth watering MESS cookies, nothing was off limits (including our waist size by the end of the night).

Now I need to put focus on their Designer cake line, I had to ask them more about it for the mere fact that I was mind blown when I saw their creations, and this is what they had to say:

“At GOSSIP we want you to be your own designer when you want to be! Gifting is an essential element of traditional Emirati hospitality and has become an central part of a socialites modern-day life. At GOSSIP, we offer our clients a chance to gift customized and stylized designer cakes, dessert sets and gift boxes that are hand-made with precision, the finest ingredients and a, as always, a touch of glam! From our couture in-house designs and our extensive selection of flavored cakes and butter-creams, to our customers imagination, the sky is the limit in our capacity to create the perfect haute couture designer cake experience. Our packaging is uniquely branded, putting the final touches on a truly luxurious gifting experience. Our GOSSIP Gift boxes give our customers a chance to choose from our capsule collection of sweet treats, which include truffles, designer dates, cake pops, truffles, jar cakes and so much more to be beautifully packaged GOSSIP style crates or pails. For our busy clients with style on top of mind, we offer our ready-made swanky selection of cakes made using our best-selling signature flavors, which are prepared every morning for those who need a chic treat on the go. Cakes, Desserts, and Gift Boxes can be picked up from our boutique or delivered within hours to any location in the UAE”.

Now it’s important to note that Gossip offers not just desserts, but food (perfect spot for lunch or dinner) that will create nothing short of a culinary party for your taste buds. With that said it is also important to note that you should go to them wearing expandable pants bringing nothing but a BIG appetite.

On my way out I found out that Gossip Cafe and Desserts caters too, so for anyone invited to future events of mine, you may thank me (no joke, you need to thank me).

What really differentiates this one-of- a kind culinary boutique from the rest is that they fuse traditional Emirati flavors into contemporary American cuisine to create gourmet food and unprecedented desserts, that was definitely a mouth full!

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