Not Layered, Not Interested.

October 4, 2015

I am a big lover of winter, now even though winter is not upon us yet (debatable), the cold is coming and it is coming strong here in Paris. Why do I love winter one may ask? Simple, you get to experiment even more with what you wear, BRING ON THE LAYERING!!!

On the 2nd day of Paris Fashion Week, knowing that I would be running around the city from show to show (and then to hotel costs for a quick bite), I wanted to be comfortable but still chic (also debatable).

I started my look off with the basics. Black slim cut pants from Dior and a white round-neck long line tee. Threw a light washed denim jacket I picked up from Topman on that, which I proudly got customised at SoH Dubai just to add a little something, and over that my beige trench coat from Saint Laurent Paris (an item that should be in every man’s closet). To complete my look I put on black shades slipped into what I believe to be the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned, I have Dior to thank for that.

and Voila, you are set for a day of adventures in Paris!

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