Oriental Musc – Narciso Rodriguez

February 9, 2016

The Oriental musc editions: both timeless and timely…mysterious and magical. Classical Oriental fragrances reinterpreted with the singular aesthetic of Narciso Rodriguez. Pure luxury: an addictive modern classic created through a masterful synchrony of East and West. The result: a rich blend both precious and potent that disarms the senses. A rarefied experience to be savored by all genders.
Narciso Rodriguez takes fragrance to unprecedented heights with a duet of premium fragrance editions. A transcendent blend of the designer’s signature musc with the most iconic notes of the Oriental fragrance family produces two exquisite compositions: “amber musc” and “rose musc”.
Dedicated to discerning fragrance connoisseurs who share Narciso Rodriguez’s enduring passion for scent; his preference for the most luxurious ingredients and his quest for pure perfection and fine craftsmanship. The supreme example of an eau de parfum intense, the oriental musc editions are contained in Narciso Rodriguez’s original iconic bottle painted radiant gold, signed by the designer, and presented in a gold effect jewel-case box.

Amber Musc
The quintessential fragrance. For centuries, the distinctive nature of both amber and musc have captured a sublime sensuality as scent dissolves into skin. Narciso Rodriguez melds the two iconic notes as one in amber musc eau de parfum intense. More than a perfume, amber musc is a profound symbol in the history of fragrance all over the world. An ultimate alchemy of East and West, the classical and the modern, luminosity and mystery, amber musc’s distilled elegance reflects the New York designer’s virtuosity. The fragrance stands as a tribute to the rich olfactory culture of the Middle East—and as a homage to the Golden Age of French perfumery, where the amber accord at the heart of the Oriental fragrance family originated during the early 20th century. “The idea for the amber musc was to honor two great periods of fragrance with my own modern interpretation,” says Narciso Rodriguez, “and the results have been beyond my dream.”

The perfumer Aurélien Guichard synthesizes a golden balsamic accord with the smoky sweetness of oud wood, the illusive nature of incense and the lush smoothness of black patchouli to create a dusky palette. Narciso Rodriguez’s signature musc acts as a luminous counterpoint to this palette, softened by orange blossom. Both refined and intense, opulent and pure, amber musc eau de parfum intense provides the consummate vision of eternal luxury.

Rose Musc
The poetic symbol of perfection in the annals of perfumery: rose, a most mythical ingredient. Since Antiquity, no blossom has inspired more legends or literature or so many sublime fragrances. In both Eastern and Western culture, its rich yet delicate scent has served as the synonym of fragrance for over a millennium.

rose musc eau de parfum intense: the world’s most iconic flower meets an equally iconic note, the signature musc of Narciso Rodriguez. Reflecting the designer’s purist sensibility, this titillating composition offers a most original modern interpretation of the Orientals, the most sensuous of fragrance families. “I was very passionate about the idea of creating a new fragrance using rose, the ultimate symbol of refined femininity, and musc, which is more raw”, says the designer. “The process to find the precise scent was very challenging and I think we met the challenge.”

The perfumer Sonia Constant has obtained the supreme rose absolute for rose musc from Morocco. Golden saffron lends vibrancy to the top notes as a hint of labdanum adds a unique opulence to the heart of musc. Spicy black pepper and dusky patchouli further refines its intensity.
rose musc eau de parfum intense: an intoxicating balance of the bold and the sensual expresses the grace and integrity of two universally beloved notes.

narciso rodriguez_Amber Musc_Still Life Visual

narciso rodriguez_Rose Musc_Still Life Visual

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