Future Perfect Santoni

January 24, 2016

Future Perfect. A multifaceted elegance, conceived to travel in space and time. Visions of a utopic future full of memories. The new Santoni collection outlines a powerful ellipsis that binds tradition and innovation in an idea of style that is classic, rough, futuristic and modernist at the same time.

The aesthetic research sprung from a synthetic thought on basic technologies is a whole with the expression of a progressive craftsmanship. It’s a real and tangible manual skill interpreted with a neat twist. Shapes are classic: archetypes of men’s repertoire, from lace-up Oxford shoes to double buckle ankle boots and the sneakers. The approach is constructivist: the sum of the parts of each style is subtly highlighted by grain contrasts and materials combinations, by the balance of textures, polishes and colors. A reductionist spirit is king; design settles into its elementary absolute, without the need of additions of decorations. The iconic Santoni double buckle is interpreted in a no buckle version, even on the sneakers. The vintage appearance of luxury materials and futuristic compositions combines in new proportions that are the result of innovative techniques: opanka soles, double platform on boots and lace-ups, interrupted spin stitching. The reductionist allure continues throughout the bags: matte python backpacks and professional briefcases of bare design .

Chromatic tones, deep and timeless with an unmistakable Santoni imprinting range from burned brown, burgundy and tones of blue and grey. The new solid petch nuance creates nocturnal densities. Materials are solid and precious: brushed calfskin, crocodile, Santoni patina, ostrich, matte python.
Continuing the path of imaginative collaborations, which began a few seasons ago, Santoni involves visionary videomaker Ruth Hogben in its presentation, a pioneer of fashion film and longtime contributor of platform. Known for the fast edits of multiplied and geometrical images, Ruth Hogben interprets through her vision the constructivist spirit of Santoni future vintage, transforming craftsmanship and design into pure visual narration.

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Santoni FW16-17 Men_Lavoro_10023

Santoni FW16-17 Men_Lavoro_10031

Santoni FW16-17 Men_Lavoro_10039

Santoni FW16-17 Men_Lavoro_10042

Santoni FW16-17 Men_Lavoro_10048

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