Sway with me.

June 18, 2016

I remember ever since I was a little boy, my mom used to always speak to me of reinventing yourself. Taking time to yourself every now and then to look at your life and reflect on where you are and where you want to be. The same can be applied to fashion, I always feel the need to look at my personal style and think of ways of how I can change it up for the better, I want to wear something and make people say to themselves, “Oh I never would have thought to do that, interesting”.

On my last trip to one of my favorite cities in the world, Paris, I was rushing to the shows of the day and I looked at myself in the mirror as I walked out and decided to throw on my latest accessory of the season. Enter one of the coolest scarves on the market brought to you by none other than the house of Louis Vuitton, this scarf was definitely the lead singer in the band that was my outfit, the Beyonce to my Destiny’s Child per say. It did not just stand out because of its beautiful print, but for the motion that you would find in this scarf whilst walking, swaying from left to right as if in a dance of some sort. I didn’t stop there, I wanted to do something out of the box, for which I decided to role up the sleeves of my Saint Laurent coat (another key piece that has moves like Jagger). Under that I kept it simple, my favorite pair of Topman black jeans, a grey tee paired with a zip-up hoodie from All Saints, Balenciaga chelsea boots, ray-ban sunglasses, and my go to Saint Laurent Fedora.

The whole look was in tune for me and I was ready for the shows. Now what I want to know is what style tricks do you apply to stand out from the crowd?

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