You’re never fully dressed without a Brooch.

September 4, 2015

They usually say that you’re never fully dressed without a hat, and though I find that to be the case most days of the week, I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the power of the brooch (hold for applause). Fun fact – brooches are perhaps the oldest type of jewelry. When man first took to wearing something more than a loin cloth, there emanated the necessity of holding the cloth together.
I’ve recently found myself somewhat obsessed with brooches and went a little crazy buying them on a recent trip to Paris. Now the trick to wearing a brooch well is knowing that it can bring a rather toned down outfit to life! I usually start any outfit by choosing the shoes and working up, but today I decided to choose the brooch and work around that (enter Chanel brooch).
With that I reached into my Topman growing closet and pulled out a pair of white jeans, a white long line t-shirt, and a blue jeans shirt. Add to the mix a vintage pair of Cartier rose gold sunglasses,a Chanel pearl necklace that I wore as a bracelet, my favourite Saint Laurent hat and desert boots and we are ready to boogie!


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