ain’t nothing but a G-thang.

January 26, 2017

I’ve been traveling the world ever since I could remember, I’ve been lucky enough to see so many different places and discover diverse cultures. Still if you asked me what my favorite city to visit is, I would tell you it’s London. I feel such a connection to the city as i’ve been visiting it ever since I was a kid and going to summer camp on the Isle of White. As I got older I feel like our relationship grew too, it started as a place I would visit to spend my summer holidays playing and discovering. It then evolved into a place I would go to on the weekends with my friends to party, shop, and eat GOOD food. Now, our relationship has hit an all time high, with me working in fashion, and she being one of the fashion capitals – I see her more often and she allows me express myself through my style in a way I never have done.

Apart from me LOVING the cold weather as it allows me to layer, one of my favorite things to do, it offers me the best selections of clothing. I have a routine as soon as I arrive in London, immediately after checking into the hotel and freshening up, I head over to Topman on Oxford Circus and shop till I physically drop. I get to stock up on my basics like the long-line tees, black skinny jeans, and sweaters!

Another thing I love about London is that you can dress like a complete gangster and no one will look at you funny, and that’s exactly what I did. I slipped into my newly purchased black skinny jeans and “2-faced” sweater and black vans (all from Topman) – add to that my newly purchased 80’s inspired ray ban sunglasses, a vintage hat I found in Miami, and a white Fendi shearling coat that I would happily live in for the rest of my life. I was a officially a certified G – drops mic.

I have to say though, that the thing that draws me to London the most, is that it reminds me to be who I am – dress the way I want, and embrace it. London I thank you, you’ve been one of my longest lasting relationships, and I’m so in love with you.


M x

(photos by @NoorandZee)

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