You’re In Control.

June 21, 2017
Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to reflect on my life, and the way I view everything around me. I’ve also had time to think of the people I surround myself with, the way I treat them, and how I allow myself to be treated in return. I’ve found reassurance that you truly are in control of everything that goes on around you.

You are not only responsible for the energy that you are bringing into your world, but you are also responsible for the energy you allow for others to bring in. Everything has a chain reaction in life, every action and event has an affect on you that in turn affects the vibrations that you send out to the universe.
With that said I have come to realize that I need to train myself in how I react to things, and looking at situations from a different point of view. I’ve found that everything that happens in your life is a lesson, God is trying to teach you something.
Be it your ex-husband, your mother, your best friend, or your child; every person put in front of you in your journey is a teacher of yours. A teacher of yours in a different class room – your ex-partner taught you patience, your child taught you love, your mother taught you the beauty of imperfection.
Instead of playing the victim and throwing myself a pity party for all the “bad things” that have happened to me in my past, I have decided to view them as good things. For they have taught me something, they have allowed me to grow, and to continue my journey stronger. I truly believe that this is a blessing from God.
Whenever someone has done me wrong, I feel grateful – they become some of the greatest teachers in my life. I see this now because I have chosen to look at the things that happen to me in a different light, for that I am grateful.
I also apply the same when looking at those around me. I am training myself to try understand others more, and not be so quick to judge or come to a conclusion. The toughest of people who put up a wall of hate are the most broken, and that wall is built of hurt. Once you stop and truly get to know someone’s story, you will see this.
I have found that love is the common denominator that connects us all, it is the driving factor of all things. It baffles me that it is not shown more than it is. It shocks me that kindness is so rare these days. Everyone is competing rather than lifting others up around them. There is so much hurt, the life force is bleeding out of our brothers and sisters, and yet we think of no one but ourselves.
What I wish for you is that you master true love, self-love. Once you do that, you are able to give out the most beautiful kind of love to those around you. To do this you need to change the way you are looking at the things that happen in your life. I am on my journey to mastering this, I hope the same for you.
Moudz x

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