Levah – By Request.

March 20, 2017

Not too long ago I made my way to the John Lobb boutique in Dubai Mall for a very special experience. Anyone who has met me will tell you that two of my biggest obsessions in life are shoes and customizing different pieces of clothing. So when I heard about the new Levah shoe by John Lobb, you knew I was going to make my way down there to request my very own pair (insert love struck emoji).

Levah combines the values of ultimate quality and craftsmanship attributed to John Lobb with the versatile characteristics of a sneaker. The By Request service now offers the freedom to create your own unique pair of Levah, specific to your needs and wishes. That was music to my ears, I’ve always searched for that perfect sneaker which combines both luxury and cool aspects in terms of design – the kind of sneaker that you could wear to Loulou’s in London without being stopped at the door for wearing “kicks’.

Now when it comes to creating the shoe, you have the option to choose from a wealth of premium leathers, including the finest Calf skin, uniquely textured Grain Calf and buttery soft Suedes, all offered in a spectrum of rich colors and tones to suit your personal style. Each person has their own individual style, and colors that work best for them, that’s why when I was customizing my sneaker, I decided to go for a rich brown – that color just works on me, what can I say? Once you’ve decided on the color of shoe, you can further personalize your creation by selecting the color of contrast binding on the tongue alongside your preference of metal eyelets and waxed laces (I mean, what more could a guy ask for?). Then comes the sole of the shoe, an option that not many brands will allow you to change. With the Levah sneaker, you can choose which soles best complement your sneakers, with options of White Rubber Soles for a contemporary, striking appeal and Natural Rubber Soles to create an understated, classic characteristic – go ahead and hashtag #winning! Then comes the BEST part, once you have created your unique pair of Levah sneakers, you get to celebrate their individuality by adding your personal initials through the monogramming service (YES!!!!).

Thank you John Lobb for bringing a new level of happiness into my life.


M x

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