December 1, 2016

In today’s world where everyone is trying to blend in and get by, I choose to be bold and stand out. Never let anyone tell you no, If there is something you believe in, follow it – trust it. 

I’ve always been a lover of neutral colors, nudes, blacks, even blues – but to branch out into a color palette that would be found in Picasso’s work space was beyond me. Ever since last men’s fashion week when I saw this daring red coat strut down the runway of Dior Homme’s fashion show I began thinking, what If I were to wear something so bold, so daring, how would I look? Now you all know my rule of thumb when it comes to fashion – keep it simple, and throw on one hero piece to complete the outfit. That’s when I decided that this beautiful red number would be the leading star in my next look.

Here’s how the look was put together. I started with my basics, black pants from Lanvin, a white crisp shirt from Giorgio Armani, and my go to worn out white Stan Smiths by Adidas. Now the fun starts, we add some accessories. Long rose gold pendant from Dior Fine Jewelry collection, Fleur De Lis rose gold pink rink from Mimia LeBlanc Paris, rose gold diamon band from Lor Jewelry, and a rose gold love ring by Cartier (ROSE GOLD ERRRRRTHANG). With that I picked up a mini backpack and a printed silk scarf, both from Fendi, but I knew I was still missing my star player, Insert Dior Homme red coat.

And voila!

M x

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